The Dorval Historical Society, in collaboration with the Dorval Library and the Dorval Museum of Local History and Heritage, is pleased to present this year's series of free lectures which take place on Saturdays at 2 p.m. at the Dorval Library located at 1401 Lakeshore Drive in Dorval.  All are welcome to attend.

January 23
The Jews of Québec, 400 years of History
With Pierre Anctil Ph.D. social anthropologist

The history of Quebec's Jewish communities spans four centuries from the beginning of New France to the present day. Discover how they contributed to the development of modern Quebec and in particular to the emergence of Montreal as a major metropolis.

February 15
L'art autochtone : honorer, transmettre, défendre, actualiser, célébrer
With Louise Vigneault, Art Historian
Presented in French – English questions are welcome.

This lecture will look at how indigenous communities have been perceived and represented through discourse and in images since the beginning of colonialism. In addition, we will see how current artists have responded to this reductive, stereotyped and folklorized imagery. We will look at the strategies artists have deployed to reclaim the authority of the gaze, overthrow colonizing actions, impose an evolving conceptualization rooted in their reality.
After the lecture, we will visit the exhibition at the cultural center entitled: Conflicted Heroes.

March 7
La croissance de l'automobilisme au 20e siècle
With Guy Thibault, retired teacher, collector and author of several books

Presented in French – English questions are welcome.
When it first appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, the automobile had many detractors; surprising and obtrusive, it disturbed the established order. We will look at the relevance of this curious invention that seemed so great for some but demonic for others. Guy Thibault will be costumed in period dress and will support his presentation with multiple pieces related to the history of motoring from his personal collection.

April 4
From Cave to Concert Hall: A History of Musical Instruments
Bilingual, with Bruno Paul Stenson, M.A.

Humans have been making music and musical instruments since the dawn of time. In this lecture we look at the evolution of musical instruments from prehistory to modern electronics. Some 20 instruments shall be presented and played to illustrate the various historical eras.

May 9
La bande dessinée québécoise : 225 ans d’histoire
By Jean-Dominique Leduc actor, columnist and author

From the appearance of the first phylactery in 1792 to the phenomenal success of Paul of Michel Rabagliati, through the satirical newspapers of the 19th century, the print media of the first half of the last century with Thimothée d'Albéric Bourgeois and Onésime d’Albert Chartier, the Spring of the Quebec comic book, the Croc years, Jean-Dominic Leduc takes you on a journey to the heart of the rich history of the 9th national art.