Dorval Museum of Local History and Heritage

Fédération histoire Québec
The Society is a member of the "Fédération Histoire Québec" which promotes and and enhances the history of Quebec. This site contains valuable information.

Héritage Montréal
​For 40 years, Heritage Montreal has worked to promote and to protect the architectural, historic, natural and cultural heritage of Greater Montreal, its neighbourhoods and communities. This private non-profit organization is at the heart of an extensive network of partners, working through education and representation to celebrate, develop and preserve Montreal’s identity and uniqueness.

Action patrimoine
Its mission is to preserve and promote the historic monuments and sites of Quebec.

Montreal Architectural Heritage Campaign
Was created to promote the city's architectural treasures and to recognize the efforts of all those who contribute to the preservation of our architectural heritage. Organized by the City of Montreal and its boroughs, in association with Heritage Montreal, the campaign is carried out in Dorval through the collaboration of city departments and the Dorval Historical Society.

Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network

​QAHN aims to promote a greater understanding of the history of Quebec’s English-speaking communities by informing, inspiring and connecting people through its activities. Membership is open to any organization or individual, regardless of language or cultural affiliation, with an interest in the history, heritage and culture of Quebec’s English-speaking communities.